OPUS HAND CARE formulated for people at work and at play


Our GP Barrier Cream is designed for protection against irritating and harmful contaminants, for use before work and after each break or hand washing.



Our RECON CREAM is formulated for application after work so that the skin is moisturised to help it recover from the rigours of work.
The OPUS Range encompasses the following types of hand care products


The Opus Hand Care Range offers two types of Hand Sanitizer, SALVO-GEL which is alcohol-based. FREE-HAND is alcohol-free. Both provide effective and skin-friendly hand disinfection.
Food Industry and Catering
OPUS products are formulated to provide effective personal protection through skin care and to avoid the potential for problems that occupational skin diseases present. Food quality and safety is largely taken for granted, but for firms operating in the food industry it is an ongoing responsibility. All must comply with local and international regulations. Opus offers SALVO-GEL alcohol- based hand sanitizer, FREE-HAND alcohol-free hand sanitizer, and BAC-HAND antibacterial lotion soap. All are available in a sensible choice of pack sizes. Opus offers a comprehensive range of heavy duty hand cleaners  for use in engineering, automotive applications, construction, etc., in the form of effective beaded gels and pastes, smooth liquid cleansers, and specialist skin cleansers for removing inks, paints and adhesives.


We offer a range of effective and hygienic hand cleansers for use during breaks and after work, for every type of application, from heavy duty industrial and automotive applications, to light duty and antibacterial applications.  
Industry and Automotive
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